Welcome to Inna Rohr Fine Art

My relationship with art is one of the longest ones, and of course it has been ever changing, manifesting itself through various forms during my life. It started at an early age when my mom enrolled me in art classes, piano lessons and gymnastics-pretty standard package for a post soviet upbringing of a girl. I am forever grateful to her investing in me because besides attempting to express myself creatively it has taught me discipline, hard work, patience and respect for my mentors- all very important virtues when embarking on a new trade.

By 19 I have finished Tallinn’s two art schools and was set to move to United States. Young, curious and full of life I crossed the Atlantic. I have to admit, US was overwhelming. Everything seemed possible and impossible all at the same time. It was a lot to take in, to process, to make my own. I would love to say that my art helped me through these times, but it was quite the opposite: suddenly I was moved by a completely different set of values, goals and expectations of myself…painting just didn’t make sense. Looking back I realize it had no chance of fitting in as it was not yet a true form of expression for me. So I became a designer and a motion graphics artist-because it made sense, because I loved it …and because it made money.

It all changed when my life was flipped upside down by Argentine Tango. From the first tango abrazo till forever more I fell madly in love with the dance. Some say it’s an addiction; I won’t argue. A few years into my new life I felt that dance floor could not contain my passion anymore, so it finally spilled onto canvas. I like to call this my painting “Chapter Two”.

“Chapter Two” is an honest chapter: it’s open, vulnerable, quite, honest, subtle and very loud. It’s about inner state and exploration; it’s about fears, insecurities, addictions. It’s about finding spirituality and getting lost on the way, about allowing and exposing, about courage and weaknesses… it’s about being human.

I am thrilled to be immersed in this creative energy that has finally returned after years of wandering. I am grateful and ready to continue to paint this chapter with all its lights, colors and shades and share it with you.